David Carr earned a Career Achievement Award, writing for The New York Times, highlighting social justice issues lurking in the modern world’s rapid embrace of media and information technology, such as the lack of nuance in cable TV’s discussion of race and the Internet’s accelerated “gerrymandering” of media and consumers into “gated communities”.

Andrea Elliott writing for The New York Times, for Invisible Child, a five part series chronicling a year in the life of a homeless 11-year-old girl that illuminates how city policies reinforce a cycle of inescapable poverty.

Chris Hamby of the Center for Public Integrity, for Breathless and Burdened, a yearlong investigation that examined how doctors and lawyers working at the behest of the coal industry, have helped defeat the benefits claims o miners sick and dying of black lung, even as disease rates are on the rise.

Terrence Mccoy writing for Miami New Times, for Home Invasion, a story that uncovers how an American millionaire has poured at least $85 million into building contested Israeli settlements and ultimately undermining the possibility of a lasting peace for Israelis and Palestinians.

Ted Genoways of OnEarth for End of the Line, an expose of how the oil industry wreaks havoc on the environment and the health of a predominantly poor, African American community in the Carver Terrace neighborhood of Port Arthur, TX.

Alexander Mallis an IMA/MFA student of Hunter College, produced, After Trayvon, a short documentary featuring a group of young men who discuss issues such as the death of Trayvon Martin, stop and frisk, and daily life.

Angely Mercado, Hunts Point Express
The Undergraduate Student Journalism Award
For exposing the struggles of residents against landlords, management companies, and private equity groups that prioritize profit at the cost of safe and sanitary living conditions in the Hunts Point area of the Bronx.

Clay Bennett, Cartooning With a Conscience