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Young people find their way on skateboards

Manuelee Rodriguez, 20, glides weightlessly through the air as he assess his landing at the River Avenue Skate Park near Yankee Stadium.

The number of skateboarders nationwide has grown steadily in recent years, but like most cities around the country, New York has few skate parks to accommodate them. The closest one to Hunts Point is about an hour’s walk away, prompting some young people and advocates to push for the creation of a local skate park.

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Skaters link art, environment and thrills

Skaters link art, environment and thrills

Tired of being kicked out of their favorite spots near the Hunts Point Avenue subway station and in Park 52 on Kelly Street, Hunts Point skateboarders and inline skaters are looking for a home of their own. So they’ve decided to design and build one.