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Charter school students block Cruz visit

Malena Hernandez, who co-wrote a letter threatening to walk out of school if candidate Ted Cruz was allowed to campaign there, stands outside Bronx Lighthouse College Prep Academy on Intervale Ave.

Student opposition to the Republican presidential candidate’s proposed campaign stop prompted a two-day flurry of defiance that included making signs, writing an angry letter to their principal, Alix Duggins and planning a walkout.

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Mexican activist returns after two-year ban

Angelo Cabrera speaking at CUNY Xpress

Angelo Cabrera co-founded the Mexican American Students Association in 2001 as a response to proposed New York state legislation that would have made undocumented students pay out-of-state tuition. Now he’s back, following a two-year ban from the U.S.


Sanders storms St. Mary’s Park

Sanders supporters fill St. Mary's Park.

It was the first time a presidential candidate had made a campaign stop in the South Bronx since Ronald Reagan in 1980.


Sanders candidacy lights a spark among Bronx voters

Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda (left), meets with Bronxites in Crotona Park to strategize on getting out the vote for the Sanders campaign.

Sanders boosters say the candidate’s focus on issues of social inequality has resonated with Bronx residents. They cite his push for a $15 minimum wage and his criticism of soaring incarceration rates among black youth.

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From the editor: Our new city council member

The 17th City Council district

As the district manager of Community Board 2 Rafael Salamanca was an energetic advocate for Hunts Point and Longwood as well as a visible presence at neighborhood meetings that addressed concerns about traffic on the area’s truck-burdened streets and issues of health and housing.

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Salamanca headquarters celebrates election victory

Rafael Salamanca celebrates his victory with supporters at his campaign headquarters following the Feb. 23 special election.

Votes on mayor’s housing plan and city budget await new Councilmember Nearly an hour after polls had closed for the 17th Council District’s special election, people were ready for a party at Rafael Salamanca’s headquarters. Supporters filled the small storefront space on East 163rd Street, plates of rice and cups […]

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Salamanca elected to City Council

Rafael Salamanca

Rafael Salamanca, the candidate endorsed by the Bronx County Democratic Committee and the district manager of Community Board 2, is the apparent winner in the special election for the 17th district of the City Council, representing Hunts Point, Longwood, Melrose, Soundview and East Tremont.


Honesty should be next councilmember’s main attribute, voters say

Darrell McFadden and Eric Booker

Based on a series of interviews with locals along Southern Boulevard, the new councilmember should also be honest, honorable and a leader in the community.

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Candidates all say they’re the difference-maker

Candidates all say they’re the difference-maker

A candidate forum for the vacant City Council seat in District 17, taped for BronxNet on Feb. 12, frequently came back to the question of which candidate could best challenge the political status quo.