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New library opens at Bronx Documentary Center

Michael Kamber, Co-Founder of the Bronx Documentary Center.

The Bronx Documentary Center has opened a photography library to celebrate the legacy of the late Tim Hetherington, a British photographer and award-winning filmmaker who was tragically killed covering the front lines of the war in Libya at the age of 40.

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Local photojournalist trains lens on Boricua contemporaries

Andrew Boryga for Ground Truth Project: Bronx Millenials

A new photo series by local photographer Edwin Torres, uses striking black-and-white portraits to contrast the strength and determination carried by Puerto Rican millennials like Hunts Point native Andrew Boyrga, in the face of the island’s uncertain economic future.

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Jazz Fest hits the roof!

Jazz Fest hits the roof!

Commuters looked on from the elevated Freeman Street subway station. Passersby spontaneously grabbed dance partners on the street. And those just making their way down Louis Niñé Boulevard this past Saturday stopped in their tracks. They were all gazing up to the roof of the Northpoint Medical Facility, where Bobby […]

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Mott Haven church takes on Preservation Commission

Parishioners at Mass on a recent Sunday at the Church of the Immaculate Conception.

Father Skelly and the Archdiocese of New York are completely against landmark designation, feeling that the financial burden of maintaining the church to historic standards will be too much for a congregation whose median income is $25,000.


Reflections, Memories, and The Grove

bronx art article Three women artists working in New York City whose work ranges from photography to sculpture to conceptual installations will have their work showcased at the Bronx Museum of the Arts from now until June. Artists Jill Baroff, Michelle Stuart and Michele Brody are showing currently; painter Valeri […]

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Casita Maria’s new director brings intimate knowledge of South Bronx

Haydee Morales, executive director of Casita Maria

Casita Maria’s new executive director comes to Hunts Point with an extensive resume that includes policy and community initiatives abroad, as well as locally.

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Bronxites gather to share stories, promote unity

Bronxites gather in a circle to share stories about their borough

Dozens gathered at the Bronx Music Heritage Center last Saturday for story circles and music, for South Bronx Love Letter, an event created to sing the borough’s praises and issue a defiant statement to developers.

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Aviva Davidson hangs up her dancing shoes

Aviva Davidson hangs up her dancing shoes

Director of Dancing in the Streets announces retirement after 17 years During her long career as a program and events organizer, Aviva Davidson loved working with people who were unlike her. Most, she said, were either black, Latino or simply “out-of-the-box.” The thing that surprised her the most, however, was […]

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Christmas Round-Up

Christmas Round-Up

This year, there are a host of events in and around Hunts Point to help celebrate the holidays.. From free gift-making workshops, concerts, and free family portraits, there are many family-friendly ways to have fun and feel some Christmas cheer.