Soundview Park adds new dog run

By Annie Nova. Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. takes a moment off from inaugurating a new dog run at Soundview Park by communing with his dog, Meyling.

Man’s best friends have landscape boulders, doggy bags and a drinking fountain with a dog bowl

The single biggest complaint Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. hears from fellow Bronxites is that people don’t pick up after their dogs, Diaz quipped at the official opening of a new dog run in Soundview Park on Oct. 4.

“There’s dog poop all over the place!” Diaz, Jr. exclaimed. “This is a good reason to get dogs and dog owners off the sidewalks.” 

The new dog run is located near the park’s entrance at Lafayette Avenue between Colgate and Boynton. Parks officials began to plan for it in 2013. The borough president’s office and the mayor’s office provided $350,000 to make it happen.

The new spot will provide dog owners an opportunity to bring their pooches to a familiar location to run around and do their business every day, residents say.

“Dogs, if they don’t know each other, may see each other as a potential enemy,” said Lucy Aponte, vice president of Friends of Soundview Park. “But when they socialize, they can be friends.”

“She loves other dogs,” said Geraldine Bond, 72, of her Shitzu, who answers to the name of Diva. “I hope she makes friends.”

“Since we have our own park, they should too,” said Deasia Foulks, 20, advocating for her brown-and-white pit bull.

A chain link fence divides the run into a section for small dogs and another for large dogs, to run free. There are also new trees, landscape boulders, benches, doggy bags and a drinking fountain with a dog bowl for them to enjoy.

Patrick Glancy, 49, said his dog, Gucci, seemed to love the new space, even though she’s a bit of a loner.

“She’s very independent. Once you pet her, she walks away,” Glancy said. “But, she doesn’t want to be home alone.”

Diaz, Jr. brought his own dog, Meyling, to the ribbon-cutting ceremony. When Meyling ran over to Gucci, Gucci, true to form, quickly took off in the opposite direction. Then, she took a lap by herself.


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