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Police beat: November

Shooting victim recovering
A 16-year-old Hunts Point girl who was shot in the chest by a group of young men on Nov. 11 was released from Lincoln Hospital after two weeks recovering from her wounds. Police believe she was not the intended victim. The victim had been walking on Bryant Avenue with a teenage boy when they were followed by a group of young men. Police believe the girl’s companion was the one being shot at. The girl staggered across the Bryant Avenue footbridge after she was shot, then collapsed. A 17-year-old Simpson Street resident and an 18-year-old Bryant Avenue resident have been arrested.

Police nabbed two jewelry thieves in the past month. Ezequiel Azevedo, 28, of Mott Haven, was arrested on Oct. 21 and charged with multiple counts of grand larceny after a series of daylight heists in which he approached elderly women and offered to clean their jewelry. On eight occasions during the fall in various parts of Longwood and Morrisania, the women handed Azevedo their jewels when he told them he needed to evaluate the merchandise. Each time, he made off with the valuables.

Lance Anderson, 47, was arrested by transit police on Nov. 27 and charged with multiple snatchings on the 6-train. Cops say Anderson ripped chains off unsuspected victims and ran off at numerous Bronx station stops. One victim saw the suspect board a train at the Hunts Point Avenue station on Nov. 3rd before ripping the chain from her neck as the subway pulled into the Cypress Ave. station in Mott Haven, then fleeing. Another woman boarded the train near Parkchester and later saw the suspect board at Morrison Avenue. He yanked her chain off as the train pulled into the Brook Avenue stop in Mott Haven. Anderson listed the BronxWorks men’s shelter at 800 Barretto St. as his home address.

ATM scammers
Police are looking for at least two men they say have been scamming ATM users at the Banco Popular at 1046 Southern Boulevard. They say the con men hang out in the vestibule at various times when the bank is closed, most commonly on Sundays. They tell customers the ATM they are about to use is broken, then divert them to use a different machine. Police say the scammers place a skimmer in the card slots of one of the ATMs, and a miniature camera high up in the area that then videos customers as they type their passwords on the keypad.

Deliverers assaluted
Two deliverers from Longwood Chinese eateries were assaulted in November. In both incidents, food and money were stolen. On the evening of Nov. 15, a delivery man was jumped and robbed by a group of young men as he delivered $35 worth of dinner to 941 Simpson Street. Police say the assailants, all estimated to be in their 20s, went into 940 Simpson St. after stealing the cash and the food. On Nov. 21, a delivery man was grabbed by the throat and punched repeatedly by two men and a woman at 891 Fox St. who stole $8 worth of food and $100 in cash. In both crimes, cops say, the restaurants received calls to deliver to apartments in the buildings in which the assaults took place. But when police later knocked on the doors of the apartments the deliveries had been called in for, tenants denied placing the orders.

Armed robbery
On Nov. 23, an employee opening up Jimbo’s Hamburger restaurant at 1025 Southern Blvd. around dawn was approached by a masked man with a knife. The robber led him to the back of the store and tied his hands behind his back. When the manager arrived, the thief threatened him with the knife and ordered him to hand over money from a vault. As the thief pocketed $500, his mask came off. The manager recognized him as Edgar Morales, 27, a former employee who had been fired a few weeks earlier. Morales ran south on E. 163rd St. with the money.

Frito Bandito strikes
Thieves broke into Frito Lay trucks parked in the company’s Oak Point Avenue lot on five November overnights and weekends. In all, the thieves made off with boxes of goodies worth over $1,000 in salsa, sunflower seeds and chips. Police don’t know whether the thief is selling the snacks to stores or individually, or just hungry. Last year, cops arrested a thief near the plant as he transported boxes of stolen chips on a handcart. That burglar was charged with possession of stolen goods and spent a day in jail. If caught in the act, the chip thief could be charged with grand larceny and locked up for longer.

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